2010 Fishing Calendar Proposal


Content of Calendar:

Professional Quality Fishing photos of

Jumping Fish
People hodling up fish
Scenic fishing
Grass root photos families and kids
Salt water and fresh water species
Boating Photos
Most photos will have sponsored gear being utilized.

Sponsors will consist of

Title Sponsor - Front Cover
Back Cover Sponsor
Per Month Sponsor
Sponsors will get 100% of money back via retail value of Calendar at $10.00. Example if ABC sponsor pays $1000.00 they will get 100 calendars to do as they pleased. They can sell them or use them for promotional purposes.


2500 copies of the calendar will be printed
They will be distributted via internet(blogs,forums, viral networking such as facebook and twitter).
Local tackle shops will get a free copy for display.

Sales will be on consignment basis. Example ABC tackle shop takes 20 calendars. They pay nothing until 1-3months goes by a rep comes by and do a quick iventory. If 10 is gone local shop pays $5 per calendar which retails for $10.00.

Sample Images: